Annemarije Oosterwaal


  • Studied sociology (MSc, cum laude) at Utrecht University
  • Received PhD in decision making and implementation
  • Worked at KPMG Plexus
  • Teaches postgraduate courses in change management at VU University Amsterdam

Making a difference

"Healthcare – especially the dynamics and complexity of the healthcare system – fascinates me. Working on continually improving healthcare and contributing to high-quality, affordable care is what drives me. The best thing about this work is tackling a problem with the team, conducting analyses and then, together with the client, seeing what possible improvements can be made."

Responsibility and trust

"In my work what is important to me is working as part of a team, learning from others, and being given and taking on responsibility. Gupta is a flat organization, and trust is an essential component of our company culture. It’s great to be a part of a tightly knit team of enthusiastic, talented people."