Joep Jacobs


  • Studied pharmacy at Utrecht University
  • Studied public health at the University of Florida
  • Worked at Plexus and McKinsey & Company

Great strides forward

"Healthcare in particular is a field with great social value. That is why I chose it. The fact that healthcare is complex and, at the same time, is undergoing significant changes makes it all the more interesting. Together with clients I try to find solutions to complex issues so they can keep ahead or make great strides forward."

All specialists

"Gupta Strategists is a compact, enterprising office. If you have questions, you can talk directly to colleagues. Because we all work in healthcare, we are all specialists. There is a great deal of individual freedom, and this brings out the best in everyone. At Gupta, I found what I was looking for – to work on strategic healthcare issues in a small, informal setting."