Kees Isendoorn


  • Working at the Middle East office
  • Studied econometrics and operations research at Maastricht University
  • Studied one semester of finance abroad at Nanyang Business School, Singapore
  • Did research in India on international cross-learning in heart care

Many stakes

"I became fascinated with healthcare when I discovered the improvements that are possible in this sector. Solving major, complex issues requires using the support of data and analyses. There are always many stakeholders. You need to constantly ask yourself how various parties will react – how will patients, doctors, politicians and the media react? – and then immediately think one step further. What complicates things even more is that healthcare often is propelled by images and feelings rather than objectifiable data."

Logical step

"People are often surprised when I tell them that I studied econometrics. They would have expected me to be in the financial sector rather than healthcare. But I think this is in fact a logical step. I was looking for a meaningful challenge and I found it. More importantly, this work is more socially relevant. In the end, my background seems to actually fit incredibly well with the needs of the healthcare sector – fact-based analysis."