Lucas Rijsman


  • Obtained his Medical Degree from Utrecht University
  • Researched respiratory viruses in children with cystic fibrosis
  • Worked as a medical doctor at the Diakonessenhuis Utrecht Department of Pediatrics

Research with immediate impact

“During and after my studies, I satisfied my curiosity with research, during which I generated interesting hypotheses and answered exciting questions. In research, however, it takes a long time before the impact of research becomes apparent. Working at Gupta allows me to unravel complex problems in healthcare, for which the solutions have immediate impact. This combination of complicated issues and fast results suits me perfectly.”

The power of diversity

“The diversity within our team makes working at Gupta exciting. This diversity in background (e.g. mathematics, economics, sociology, and medicine) allows us to look at problems from many different angles. If I get stuck, I can always ask another colleague with the right knowledge or expertise to look at the problem together. This environment enables me to develop myself and to improve healthcare continuously.”