Marloes Hagemans


  • Studied nutrition and health (cum laude) at Wageningen University
  • Did PhD in medicine (cum laude) at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Did research on rare metabolic diseases at Erasmus MC

Fast results

"I have always really enjoyed doing research, especially immersing myself in a topic and trying to tease out how things really work. Yet I have also always had broader interests and the need to see fast results in my work. That’s why, in the end, I couldn’t see myself continuing in academia."

Learning new things

"To expand my knowledge of healthcare I went to graduate lectures from the health economics, policy and law program. I liked it so much that I decided to continue in this direction. I chose Gupta Strategists particularly because of its focus on healthcare, but I was also attracted to working with different people who all share a penchant for setting the bar high. My expectations of being able to learn new things here in a short period of time and again be challenged have certainly been met."