Nienke Visser


  • Studied Bèta-gamma (Natural and Social Sciences) and Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam
  • Started her career at The Boston Consulting Group
  • Worked in Kuala Lumpur for the NGO “Teach For Malaysia”

Complex puzzles

"I love trying to tackle difficult problems. While I was studying econometrics, I enjoyed the challenge of complex scientific puzzles. At The Boston Consulting Group, I also started focusing on qualitative issues. How can you schematically summarize a situation using just a few options that successfully capture the essence of the problem? I’ve now become an all-round strategic advisor. It’s an ideal profession for people like me who enjoy quantitative and qualitative puzzles.”

An affinity for healthcare

"I’ve been interested in the medical world since I was very young. At the time, I really wanted to be a doctor, until I realized that I was looking for more analytical challenges. However, during my studies, healthcare was never far away. For example, I had a part-time job in home healthcare. My master’s thesis was about pricing levels in markets with partial government regulation, such as healthcare. From both a theoretical and practical perspective, I learned how complex the healthcare sector can be. Together with my friendly and enthusiastic colleagues at Gupta, I now have the opportunity to deal with current issues in healthcare every day.”