Noreen van der Linden


  • Received PhD (cum laude) on biomarkers of cardiac damage
  • Studied as Physician-Clinical Investigator (MSc, cum laude) at Maastricht University
  • Studied Molecular Life Sciences (BSc) at Maastricht University

The best of both worlds

"While conducting my PhD research, I realized how interesting and challenging research can be – from designing and conducting analyses to translating outcomes into a logical picture. Through other, non-research-related activities, I also learned how motivating it is to be part of a team and to make a difference. In my work at Gupta, I have found the best of both worlds."

From doctor to strategist

"The shift from doctor to strategic consultant may not immediately seem like a logical step. After all, I studied medicine to be able to help make people better. Yet right from my very first project I saw what a huge impact our work has on healthcare, and with my medical background I am able to make a valuable contribution to what we do. This is how I am now working to improve healthcare."