Steven van Beurden


  • Studied veterinary medicine at Utrecht University
  • Did PhD in veterinary medicine, with research on herpesviruses
  • Developed a new type of poultry vaccine for Boehringer Ingelheim

Dynamic sector

"After initially studying veterinary medicine, I went on to specialize in veterinary virology. The academic world provided me with plenty of space and freedom to develop my own ideas. Yet the clinical relevance of scientific research is not always immediately evident, and over the past few years I’ve noticed that this is something that is increasingly important to me. So I began to look for a more dynamic sector where I’d be able to see the results of my work faster, and I found it in strategy consulting."

Healthcare and the facts

"The combination of Gupta’s focus and approach suits me perfectly. For years I worked part-time in a nursing home and saw first-hand the practical challenges pertaining to healthcare. What’s more, as a scientist, my approach to any problem is always to look at the underlying facts. In addition to that, the strategists at Gupta form an amazing team. We don’t just work hard together but – more importantly – we work hard with the client to always achieve the best results possible."