Arshad Mohamed Ali


  • Works in the Middle East Office
  • Studied Chemical Engineering (BSc, Summa Cum Laude, and MSc) at Texas A&M University at Qatar
  • Designed a data-driven receptor-centric decision support system to study and mitigate the impact of nuclear accidents
  • Co-Founder of a plant-based, non-toxic detergent brand in Qatar

Meaningful impact

“I have always been drawn to fields where I can make a real impact on the world. Healthcare is one such field. An aging population is increasing the demand for healthcare, as are our lifestyle changes and the increased toxins in our surroundings. That’s why I previously created a plant-based, non-toxic detergent. Working at Gupta gives me the next opportunity to make a meaningful impact in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East.”

Continuous growth

“I have always wanted to work in an environment that challenges me to grow every day. Because: ‘Intellect is like a knife; if you do not sharpen it, it will inevitably be useless’. There is no better place to grow continuously than strategy consulting, where we solve complex problems daily. I am especially excited by the challenge of making data-driven decisions in a data-deficient and ambiguous environment. What better place to sharpen your brain than in consulting!”