Gupta Strategists is an independent consulting firm for organizations in the healthcare sector, in the Netherlands and abroad. We distill complex issues into practical solutions and innovative ideas.

Impact on healthcare

Healthcare is about the most important thing in life, health. Our work contributes positively to this.”
Michiel Oosterwaal
Michiel  Oosterwaal

No-nonsense culture

There is no administrative support staff. We work primarily with clients on site and handle administrative tasks ourselves.”

Fact focused

In god we trust, all others must bring data.”
Peter Sohl
Peter  Sohl

Independent think tank

We conduct independent studies for our own development and to answer important questions in the healthcare field.”
Paulien Stegehuis
Paulien  Stegehuis

Multidisciplinary team

Gupta has doctors, physicists, pharmacists, biomedical scientists and econometricians. We also have foodies, road bikers and musicians.”
1.Impact on healthcare
2.No-nonsense culture
3.Fact focused
4.Independent think tank
5.Multidisciplinary team

From issue to impact

No matter what we do, our goal is the same: to demonstrably improve healthcare. We advise on strategic issues, provide innovative ideas and implement new strategies. We also offer support wherever complex (market) analysis is required, new business models need to be developed, or major change is imminent. Our way of working is characterized by creatively combining in-depth knowledge with a practical approach. And to ensure our expertise remains in the organization, we share the knowledge gained during projects with our clients’ teams.

From mental health to nursing homes

Gupta works with hospitals, elderly care centers, mental health facilities, pharmacies, nursing homes, emergency rooms, governments, regulators, advocacy groups, health insurance companies, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, investors, suppliers and patient groups.

Our research

Gupta regularly publishes research that provides socially relevant insights and highlights important trends.

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Since its foundation in 2005, Gupta has grown significantly – and that applies to our portfolio, range of projects and our team. We’re all specialized healthcare, and complement each other in terms of background, knowledge and experience. That’s what makes us experts across the full healthcare spectrum: from hospitals to insurance companies, from mergers to budgeting, from change management to new strategies and from market analysis to implementing new ideas.

Team overview