Transition to a sustainable healthcare sector

The health care sector faces a huge challenge in reducing its CO2-footprint, especially in light of the ambitious goal of 49% reduction by 2030 and 95% reduction in 2050. In particular with these ambitious goals it is necessary to know what this footprint looks like and how it is made up.

In this study we demonstrate that the CO2-footprint of the Dutch health care sector amounts to 11 Mton CO2 yearly, 80% of which is composed by: energy use in buildings, travel and pharmaceuticals. For these categories we identify the main drivers. Subsequently we discuss possible measures for reduction and provide a framework to prioritize these measures. We end on a list of tangible steps for different players in the Dutch health care sector.

Download the full report "Een stuur voor de transitie naar duurzame gezondheidszorg" (in Dutch) here »

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