Ggz Studie 2016

More bang for your buck?

The 2016 mental healthcare study ‘Waar is de gulden een daalder waard?’ (‘More bang for your buck?) looks at the relationship between quality and financial performance within the mental healthcare sector and summarizes a number of important observations.

First, Dutch mental healthcare adds value. The total cost of psychiatric disorders is lower in the Netherlands than in the rest of Europe. However, institutions are under significant (budgetary) pressure. Large institutions in particular are experiencing financial difficulties, as can be seen from low profit margins and the large number of institutions operating at a loss. In addition, there is a huge disparity in quality performance levels. Despite the fact that all of this information is publically available, it is rarely ever put to use, which means that much of the sector’s potential remains untapped. Better use of information on providers’ quality performance would increase financial returns in the mental healthcare sector. At a time when talk of budget cuts to this sector have already been going on for years, failure to make use of quality information is equivalent to the destruction of capital and ignores the added value created by the sector for Dutch society. Greater focus on this value would make for a more dynamic sector and would ensure more bang for your buck when it comes to mental healthcare value.

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