GE Study – Gupta Strategists and Erasmus MC

Two hundred thousand kilometers of digestive tract – upkeep needed.

A short time ago it was announced that a mass screening for colorectal cancer among the general population would not go forward due to a lack of available funding, despite the fact that for a relatively small price it could save many lives. The program is already ongoing in a number of other EU countries. The government’s rationale for this, which was based purely on costs and did not consider the social value of lives saved, confounded healthcare providers. Erasmus MC and Gupta Strategists took it upon themselves to shed light on the value of longer, healthier lives. Doing so has provided an entirely different perspective for political decisions in healthcare. We not only looked at screening for colorectal cancer, but also at what has actually been provided by healthcare innovations to date. It has since been decided that the screening program would in fact go ahead in the Netherlands. This study is intended first and foremost to encourage people who qualify for screening to undergo it and to educate other interested parties about the perspective of Erasmus MC and Gupta Strategists.

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