Alberto Falcone


  • Studied Chemical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology
  • Researched arteries-on-a-chip for his master thesis at the Erasmus MC
  • Was active at De Kleine Consultant during his studies

People with passion

I have always been excited by the challenge of solving complex problems. During my studies at the TU Delft, I had ample opportunity to tackle these first hand. Within Gupta, luckily I share this passion for complexity with my colleagues. Besides passion for make complex simple, at Gupta we have in common an eagerness to create impact and a great sense of curiosity that encompasses an extensive range of interests. This results in enthusiasm throughout every project.

Continuous learning process

Learning is at the heart of Gupta. First of all you learn a lot while doing projects. From day one you get to work on a project. Besides, we share a lot of knowledge and experience with one another both in and outside projects: for instance during the trainings that experienced colleagues give to starters. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, it’s possible to connect with each other easily. It’s exciting to see how everyone is continuously striving to achieve their own and others’ maximum potential.