Anshu Gupta


  • Studied chemical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Did a PhD fellowship in chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota
  • Did post-doc in physics at the University of Cambridge, England
  • R&D, Marketing and Technical Development at Unilever
  • Consultant at Arthur D. Little and Roland Berger
  • Founded Gupta Strategists in 2005

Inspiration and enthusiasm

"Cambridge was an amazing university environment with incredibly interesting, intellectual people. It allowed me enormous freedom to develop. Gupta Strategists was founded in part on the inspiration I got from being there and out of the search for a similar freedom and trust in an environment of enthusiastic people."

Trust in our principles

"Since Gupta Strategists was founded in 2005, our growth and success have reaffirmed my trust in our principles. That is why we remain critical, especially of our own dogmatism. There is already plenty of that in the world. We only draw conclusions if we can substantiate them with hard facts. We are pragmatic and solution focused – what can people do as early as tomorrow with the insights we provide? For us, the essential lies in helping each other and learning from one another."