Barteld Nanninga


  • Studied Medicine (MD) at the University of Amsterdam
  • Studied Law (private- and health law, LLM) at the University of Amsterdam
  • Worked as manager in a healthcare institution
  • Was volunteer at the European Youth Parliament for almost 10 years

Broad impact

“During my training to become a medical doctor, I discovered that I was especially interested in the business and organizational aspects of healthcare. I realized that I didn’t want to just help patients, but that I wanted to have broader impact. I wanted to contribute to making the healthcare industry future-proof. That is exactly what I found at Gupta Strategists.”


“Working in a hospital entails that other people are in charge of your calendar. At Gupta, I can influence my own schedule which brings freedom and responsibility. Second, there is a lot of attention for personal development, something that I value greatly.
Gupta Strategists doesn’t have an office on a permanent location, which makes working very flexible. From day to day I decide what the most convenient place to work is: with colleagues in a flex office, at the client’s office, or at home. This makes every day at Gupta dynamic and different from the day before.”