Dion Coumans


  • Studied mathematics (MSc, summa cum laude) at Radboud University, Nijmegen
  • Received PhD in algebra and logic
  • Completed various courses in training and education

Solving problems

"As a graduate student and while doing PhD research, I really enjoyed unraveling complex problems. At the outset it is usually not obvious how you will be able to arrive at a solution. It therefore never ceases to amaze me seeing how the whole picture gradually becomes clearer and the pieces of the puzzle eventually fall into place. By giving workshops and lectures, I realized that I get a lot of fulfillment from helping others. That’s why I decided to look for a new challenge where I could do something positive for others through problem solving. I found that challenge at Gupta."

Making a contribution

"Healthcare is important for everyone and so I want to be able to make a positive contribution in this field. It is wonderful to be able to do that at Gupta, surrounded by an inspiring team of enthusiastic colleagues. I want to continue developing and learning, and this is the ideal environment for that."