Folkert Kan


  • Studied Life Science & Technology (cum laude) at the TU Delft and Leiden University
  • Did research on repairing DNA damage at the LUMC
  • During his studies, was active at De Kleine Consultant

Impact and development

“While studying, I was fascinated by the complexity of biological processes. However, doing scientific research left me feeling unfulfilled. I missed the elements of social impact and personal development. I found those qualities at De Kleine Consultant, where I helped startups and non-profit organizations with their strategic challenges.”

Continuously challenging

“For me, working at Gupta perfectly combines my educational background, my need to continuously challenge myself, and my desire to help people with my work. Thanks to the smaller scale of the company, at Gupta I can directly contribute to the healthcare sector. There’s also a tailor-made training program that will help me reach my full potential.”