Gerhard Wullink


  • Studied mechanical engineering at the University of Twente
  • Received PhD in operations research
  • After receiving PhD, worked two years at Erasmus MC
  • Worked at Boer & Croon in healthcare


"Healthcare is the most challenging field at this moment. There are macro-economic and ethical dilemmas, turbulent developments and many, often complex actors. An assignment is never straightforward. That makes it exciting and keeps you on your toes. Thanks to the social importance and complex content of this work, I am right at home as a consultant in the healthcare sector."

Working with people

"Strategy consulting is above all working with people. In contact with clients, when working in teams – social skills are always important. It’s great when you are part of a team that you can inspire others in their work and in other areas too. Everyone has a different background and character, but we all share the ambition that we want to bring out the best in our clients, our colleagues and ourselves. Aside from focusing on one of the most exciting sectors at this moment, I also appreciate the specific expertise and commitment of the team here. For me, this is the ideal work environment."