Imke Gevers


  • Studied Technical Medicine, a joint degree between the TU Delft, Erasmus University and the University of Leiden
  • Did 2 years of internships at several departments in hospitals and at Stryker
  • Is co-founder of the student initiative Operation-AIR, which developed an emergency ventilator during the covid pandemic


“After my education to become a Technical Physician I wanted to work on issues involving a wider scope in the health sector. During my internships at different hospital departments I noticed that collaboration is the key to success. Not only within the hospital, but also in the entire health sector. During my work at Gupta I get the chance to improve collaborations and help to align thoughts of all stakeholders. This way we contribute to sustainable and affordable healthcare, also in the future. “


“What I like most about strategy consulting is that I can work on different projects together with a great team. My colleagues at Gupta have differing backgrounds, therefore we can build on everyone’s strengths and learn a lot from one another. Besides this, at Gupta you are encouraged to show initiative.