Jurre de Bruin


  • Studied economics (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam
  • Studied political science (minor, cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam
  • Worked at The Boston Consulting Group


"After finishing my degree in Amsterdam, I learned the tricks of the trade working at The Boston Consulting Group. I came across the company by chance through a professor. The most important discovery I made there was that strategy consulting is a craft. Just as with any other trade, it is something you need to learn step by step from a skilled master. It is a multifaceted, content-driven profession. Very suitable for people such as me who are easily bored."

Skilled masters

"At a certain point, I knew I wanted to take on more, preferably in a sector with significant social relevance. That’s when I learned about Gupta. What you can achieve with a team of smart people exceeded all of my expectations. The feeling that we are building the future, both of the healthcare sector and of our own organization is hugely motivating to me. If you want to develop quickly and have got the guts for the glory, then you’d fit right in. We’ve got plenty of skilled masters."