Lisa Vogelpoel


  • Studied biomedical science (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam
  • Received PhD in immunology at the Academisch Medisch Centrum

Complex and fascinating

"As a graduate and doctoral student, I studied the human body. It is complex and fascinating – everything works together as part of a well-functioning whole, and when something somewhere goes wrong you get sick. Like the human body, healthcare is also complex and fascinating and full of huge challenges regarding how to set it up in a way that ensures care remains good, accessible and affordable. At Gupta, I am able to contribute to making the healthcare system sustainable for the future."

Het beste uit jezelf

"For me, problem solving as part of a team is very fulfilling. At Gupta, we are a diverse, enterprising and social team working to solve a variety of healthcare problems. You’re challenged to do your best and give your all."