Lucas Kuipers


  • Studied Engineering and Policy Analysis (Cum Laude) at Delft University of Technology
  • Graduated on the emergence and the prevention of overcrowding at emergency departments
  • Interned at Nestlé and Metyis
  • Worked as a student worker at Gupta Strategists

Solutions with social value

“During my studies I discovered that solving a complex puzzle, related to a specific kind of problem, the solution of which is of broader value to society, motivates and energizes me the most. I had already known much earlier that I wanted to work in healthcare. My discovery on what I like during my study simply confirmed this early choice: healthcare is a plethora of complex challenges and developing innovative solutions has the promise of immediate social value.”

Improving everyday

““Improving everyday” was my childhood mantra and Gupta Strategist is the perfect place to keep up this practice. Gupta is a driven team of smart colleagues, all with their own expertise and unique character. The accessible organizational culture allows me to get in touch with each and every one of them to distill and adopt pieces of their knowledge. This makes Gupta the perfect place to become a little better every day.”