Mark Jan Uijl


  • Studied System Engineering (BSc and MSc) at Delft University of Technology
  • Contributed to designing a hydrogen powered racecar as team manager at Forze Hydrogen Racing
  • Wrote his thesis on the determinants of energy poverty and energy efficiency at Bearingpoint

Societal impact

“Solving complex problems with a large impact on society is what motivates me. This is the reason that I chose to study System Engineering at TU Delft and that I worked on designing a hydrogen powered racecar. Strategy consulting in healthcare really speaks to me because it combines complex analyses with making an actual impact in society. At Gupta we work on projects that are critical for our clients and for the quality of healthcare. Each project is unique, meaning that each project requires a tailored approach. This challenging and dynamic environment brings out the best in me.”


“At Gupta we work together with a diverse team of enthusiastic colleagues in order to improve healthcare in the Netherlands and abroad. Our different backgrounds, both within and outside healthcare, make us the perfect team to tackle challenging projects. What I really like at Gupta is that everyone is willing to help each other out and has a genuine passion for taking healthcare a step further.”