Michiel Oosterwaal


  • Studied biomedical engineering (MSc, BSc) at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Received PhD in orthopedics at Maastricht UMC

Solving challenging problems in a short time frame

"While doing my PhD research, I got a lot of satisfaction looking at medical problems from a technical perspective. Yet I thought it was unfortunate that the impact of scientific research was only visible in the long term. In strategy consulting, I have found the combination of both intellectual challenge and the extra motivation of a more immediate impact."

Learning from everyone

"At Gupta Strategists we have an energetic team that is flat in structure. This makes it so that everyone stands on equal footing, regardless of whether you just started or have been working here for years. As a result, from the moment I stepped in the door I have learned a lot. Our way of working reinforces this even further – no one sits at a set workspace, so every day I’m surrounded and inspired by different people."