Mischa van Prooijen


  • Working at the Middle East office
  • Studied Biomedical Engineering (MSc, BSc) at the Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Started her career at Gupta Strategists in The Netherlands
  • Worked for Philips Healthcare in the Middle East
  • Since 2019 responsible for the development of our practice in the Middle East


"Contributing to the development of the healthcare industry has always been my passion. There is still so much to gain optimizing the patient experience and controlling healthcare spending to enable access to care for everyone, anywhere in the world. There is a lot of potential in the Middle East to really make an impact. Major healthcare topics are high on the agenda of the various governments: The development of a sustainable system to make healthcare affordable for everyone, creating the set up to gather and use data, and integration of care."

People Centric

"The past years of living in the Middle East, and experiencing healthcare myself, taught me a lot. It takes a while before you know a region, its customs and traditions. I see opportunities to improve, but I also understand why things are the way they are, possibly driven by culture or habits. The foundation of Gupta aligns with this; pragmatic and solution-oriented, but above all: people centric. Returning to the Gupta team felt good; I am excited to use the knowledge and expertise of Gupta in a region where we can contribute so much."