Nicky Klaver


  • Studied biomedical sciences at Leiden University
  • Studied health care management at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Worked at a large mental health care provider

Impact on health care

"Gupta is a company with focus, drive, and heart for healthcare. This perfectly fits what I like to do: making a difference together with my colleagues. During my previous job in mental health care, I encountered some off the major acute problems in the sector, such as the increasing waiting lists and the staff shortage. In that role I only had limited influence on this. With Gupta, I do have the opportunity to tackle these problems and work towards a solution."

An inspiring environment

"Every day my colleagues inspire me. For example, it is not uncommon to discuss ideas for business cases over lunch. At Gupta there is a lot of room for personal development, which is reflected in our many training sessions, the feedback moments, and the involvement of colleagues. I am proud of the versatility of our team. Together we like to make a meaningful impact in a sector with high social importance."