Niels Hagenaars


  • Studied pharmacy at Utrecht University
  • Received PhD in pharmacy doing research on flu vaccines


"I really enjoyed doing my PhD research, but in my day-to-day work I wanted more variety and more concrete results. I also wanted inspiring colleagues. I found all of that at Gupta Strategists. I have an affinity for healthcare, due in part to my background as pharmacist. Gupta has the vision and drive to take on the complex challenges in changing healthcare with which our clients are confronted. Assignments are very diverse and variety is a given."

A good feeling

"I find a lot of enjoyment in being a strategic healthcare consultant, because you know that in doing this you are contributing to making things better. Here I can combine my curiosity as a scientist with the awareness that the results of my work have practical implications. The impact our work has on that of our clients is immediately visible, and that feels good. At Gupta there is a prevailing atmosphere of trust, equality, enterprising spirit and the willingness to learn from one another. This brings out the best in everyone."