Foreign insurance company wants to strengthen its position in healthcare

“How can we improve the market position of our health insurance and train a team of internal advisors at the same time?” This was the question a foreign insurance company asked Gupta Strategists.

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In summary, this was Gupta’s answer to the insurance company’s question: It’s possible to grow in the healthcare sector with a more efficient approach that relies on an internal team of analysts, doctors, sales and management. Our task was therefore twofold: within a timeframe of two months, we had to deliver strategic advice that contained the right ingredients for improving activities at the health insurance company, as well as train the team to implement and further develop the strategy.

Strategy to get more out of health insurance

Within a just a few weeks, we reviewed all the aspects of the health insurance business. Like sales: how do you attract the right customers? Pricing: how do you determine the right price for your product? And procurement: how do you negotiate with hospitals? Two months later, our strategic advice was presented to the client, and the majority was taken on board.

On-the-job training

Internal employee training was just as important as our strategic advice. We trained the insurance company’s team the same way we approach professional development at Gupta: directly on the job and with a wide variety of courses. By working intensively with them, they learned the first steps of consultancy: conducting research based on hypotheses, presenting data with clear slides, and understandably explaining conclusions in the language of their managers.

Img Michiel Oosterwaal

Michiel Oosterwaal's experience

The experience I gained in a new healthcare market gave me a different view of the Dutch system”

“We went back to the client after six months. It was great to see the team again that we had worked with so intensively. It was also a nice opportunity to reflect on our work there. In terms of the topic, this was a very challenging project: within a very short time we had to get to know a new client, in a new market. The experience I gained in a new healthcare market gave me a different view of the Dutch system. For example, because it isn’t mandatory for insurance companies to accept new applicants, there are completely different market forces at play. This enabled me to look at a subsequent project about healthcare procurement from a Dutch insurance company with a fresh perspective.”

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