Alje Visser


  • Studied Applied Physics (BSc and MSc) at Delft University of Technology
  • Studied Philosophy (BA) at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Various perspectives

"During my Philosophy studies, I learned the importance of viewing things from different perspectives. Ideas almost always get an upgrade when people with different opinions are involved. At Gupta, the combination of educational backgrounds and experience within the team is, therefore, an asset. This mix provides a fertile ground for various perspectives, ideas, and ways of thinking. And this diversity is valuable in solving complex problems."

Societal impact

"Solving complex problems and logic have always appealed to me. That's also why I chose to study Applied Physics. During my studies, I came to the realization that it's important to me that my work should also have a significant societal impact. At Gupta, all of this comes together beautifully. The work is challenging and complex, and through my work, I contribute to society."