Ankie Kerstens


  • Studied occupational therapy (BSc) at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Studied health economics, policy and law (MSc) at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Specialized in health technology assessments

Making an impact on healthcare /OR/ Making a meaningful contribution to healthcare

“Sooner or later, everyone has to deal with healthcare. That’s what appeals to me about working in this sector. Thanks to my experience as an occupational therapist, I’ve developed ideas and questions related to transparency, quality and cost-effectiveness in healthcare. These experiences and ideas motivate me to contribute to optimizing and innovating within our healthcare system every day.”

Learning from complex issues and from each other

“During my specialization in health technology assessments, I noticed that I enjoy finding solutions for complex healthcare issues with thorough (quantitative) analysis. That’s what appeals to me in my work as a strategy consultant in the healthcare sector. What’s attractive about Gupta Strategists specifically is working with a close-knit team of ambitious colleagues from different backgrounds, as well as the openness to and space for new ideas and requirements related to personal development. I feel constantly encouraged to learn with and from each other.”