Christiaan de Vries


  • Studied medicine at Leiden University and Health, Economics, Policy and Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Started his career as management consultant at Roland Berger
  • Was responsible for implementing digital support products at GP practices for healthcare start-up Quin


"After reading Tracy Kidder’s "Mountains beyond mountains" I knew for sure: I want to spend my career in healthcare. Being able to help others at the most vulnerable times, even when lack of money or geographical distance from the doctor stands in the way, was what drove Dr. Paul Farmer, and that's what I wanted, too. During school I worked in hospital and homecare on the side, and chose to study medicine in university. Once there, I discovered that in fact it’s the healthcare system itself and its organization that attracted me: how can we organize it more intelligently and innovatively? And how can we help more people with the same resources?"


"The Healthcare Management class I took in university stands out to me most. We studied all kinds of successful organizations to learn what principles and best practices are applicable in healthcare. For example, we examined the Ritz Carlton in New York on their customer focus, and a large international airport on successfully bringing many businesses and interests together under one roof. Sometimes it is exactly that outside perspective that provides a valuable perspective from which to innovate. At Gupta, we also offer that fresh, curious, innovative outside perspective. After my experience in consulting at Roland Berger and in healthcare innovation at Quin, Gupta is the perfect place for me to continue building the healthcare system."