Floor Steegh


  • Studied Medicine at Maastricht University
  • PhD in Renal Pathology at Maastricht UMC+
  • Completed a residency as an internist at the AMC

Positive contribution

“Healthcare has always inspired me. Sooner or later, it’s something that everyone has to deal with. As a doctor, I spent a number of years focusing on individual patients at a variety of (inter)national healthcare institutions. It made me realize how essential it is for healthcare facilities to stay on top of the many changes in the field in order to continue providing high-quality, affordable care. That’s a significant challenge that I want to make a positive contribution to as a strategic consultant.”

Shared decision making

“As a doctor, communicating with patients is essential to understanding where the core of the problem lies. The doctor then analyzes the problem and together with the patient, comes up with appropriate, personal advice. Shared decision making, in other words. With this, I see important parallels to my work at Gupta. Our clients are the central focus while analyzing the problem, and then, with the context in mind, we can work together to find the right solution. Just like with healthcare, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – every client is unique and therefore deserves a unique solution. With that as our motivation, we’re ultimately able to achieve the best results.”