Luuk Visscher


  • Studied Mathematics (BSc, cum laude) and Physics and Astronomy (BSc, cum laude) at Utrecht University
  • Graduated in Mathematical Sciences, with a specialization in Differential Geometry

Challenging and socially impactful

"Unraveling complex problems and coming up with creative solutions is something I enjoy a lot. This was abundantly present in my studies, but I missed having tangible applications of my work. At Gupta I can work on current issues, with real societal impact. The combination of complicated analysis and social considerations makes it challenging, and therefore a lot of fun."

Learning from each other

"Working in small teams and an accessible organizational culture is one of the reasons I joined Gupta. It allows every team member to contribute from the very start. With our variety in educational backgrounds, the Gupta team complement each other very well. On top of that, there is plenty of opportunity for personal development: for example by following one of the many training sessions."