Sanne Mol


  • Studied Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSc) at the VU Amsterdam and Drug Innovation (MSc) at Utrecht University
  • Received a PhD in Immunology at Amsterdam UMC


I love finding solutions to complex problems. To do that, I try to draw conclusions from complex data and I communicate those conclusions to all kinds of audiences, from family members without any prior knowledge to a room full of experts. I enjoyed that already during my studies and PhD research and that is what I wanted to have in my next job. Furthermore, I find it important to keep developing and to contribute to a socially relevant sector. At Gupta I have found all these things! In addition, the atmosphere at Gupta is very good and all colleagues are super involved and committed to the work. That works incredibly motivating.


The healthcare sector has always fascinated me. Before joining Gupta, I worked as a researcher at the Amsterdam UMC. It is truly unimaginable how much it takes to keep such a large hospital with all the different departments and disciplines running. In addition to everything the patient sees, there is a whole system around it that the patient does not see. A hospital is a village in itself. For example, there is a whole network of corridors for all the logistics, such as waste disposal and air supply. Even if you zoom out more, there is a whole system around patient care, full of bottlenecks and obstacles. Think staffing (or the shortage thereof) and affordability of care, as well as innovations and ethical choices. I enjoy working in that interesting and challenging dynamic.