Atlant prepares for the future

Atlant, a medium-sized provider of care for the elderly, formulated a new vision for healthcare, and as an extension of that, also wanted to reassess their strategy.

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In addition to looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, they had questions about which audiences they wanted to serve, and at which point in the patient journey what services would be offered. And because different types of care are provided at different locations (both regular eldercare as well as specialized nursing home care for specific audiences), they were also considering making changes to their healthcare portfolio.


In close consultation with the client, we conceived and implemented a two-pronged approach. To address uncertainties caused by the findings and better understand the impact these developments might have on the organization, we opted for a primarily qualitative approach. During the first part of the project, we completed an in-depth SWOT analysis based on interviews with key opinion leaders from inside and outside the organization. For example, we spoke to healthcare professionals, practitioners, the advisory board, management and referrers to discuss questions like ‘What are the current needs of your clients?’, ‘How will their care and welfare demands evolve in the future?’ and ‘What influences the different audiences that are under our care?’

Patient journeys

For a few specific audiences, we carefully mapped the patient journey. This clarified who provided what kind of care at which time, plus defined the role of the organization, caregivers, general practitioners, medical specialists and others. We then analyzed expected changes in the coming years. How are patient needs evolving, which innovations are approaching and what might change in the financial, legal and regulatory landscape? Answering these questions brought us to the patient journeys of the future, and in close collaboration with our client, helped us determine a suitable healthcare offering for each stage of life.

Long-term strategy

These patient journeys formed the basis for different future scenarios – the second phase of the project. Here we explored the impact of expected developments and possible portfolio decisions in several future scenarios. This allowed us to help the managers and directors make strategic choices, which we ultimately outlined in a new multi-year strategy.

Thijs Houtappels

The experience of Thijs Houtappels

director of Atlant

We’ve worked with Gupta three times now, and I’ve been satisfied every time.”

“Fact -finding is certainly one of Gupta’s core abilities. Nothing is taken for granted. And that’s important, because their advice is built on these facts. They do it in such a way that all the knowledge from our organization and all the collected information – whether it’s internal, external or from stakeholders – is completely logically connected and presented in a clear, orderly manner. That’s how they helped us understand which future scenarios were possible for each audience. From such a clear starting point, it’s easier to determine the right direction for your organization. We’ve worked with Gupta three times now, and I’ve been satisfied every time. Their approach always proves successful: asking the right questions, sifting through the qualitative and quantitative data, taking a helicopter view to make connections and then presenting them very concretely. It has ensured we can continue to be an organization with major ambitions, and achieve them as well – now and in the future!”

Img Lissy Van De Laar

Lissy van de Laar's experience

It was very inspiring to realize how much information you can collect.”

"It was very inspiring to realize how much information you can collect by questioning stakeholders inside and outside the organization in a structured way. They were an impressive source of information about the various audiences. Based on their individual areas of expertise, each stakeholder could add different pieces of the puzzle. Together, these pieces formed a complete picture of the future. With the scenario analysis we were able to challenge the management to think big and see the impact of the wide-reaching decisions on their healthcare portfolio and types of treatment. It enabled them to make well-informed and carefully considered decisions."

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