A new path for Zorgpartners

Zorgpartners wanted to set a clear course for the next five years, based on an objective snapshot of healthcare in their own area of expertise and the vision of stakeholders for their organization.

  • Healthcare providers
  • Strategy

How does their current healthcare offering compare to other providers, how will regional healthcare demands evolve in the future, and what are the most relevant societal trends? These questions were answered with Gupta’s careful analysis. Based on a large number of interviews, we identified the vision of the various stakeholders. We then described all of the findings in an extensive strategy document.


The strategy document was discussed with the entire management team during two working sessions, and together, we translated it into the most relevant strategic themes. These themes resulted from insights on market position and trends, as well as the organization’s ambitions and ideas about how they could add more value for customers. This collaborative process created the necessary support for their decisions, and as a result, the vision was made concrete and enthusiastically put into practice.

Img Ankie Kerstens

Ankie Kerstens' experience

It was nice to see how open the customers are and how much feedback they have.”

"During this project, I saw how incredibly interesting the challenges are that elderly care is facing: while the group of people needing care keeps growing thanks to our aging population, the group who can provide this care keeps getting smaller. How should the industry solve this at a time when there’s more pressure on budgets, and older people prefer small-scale housing instead of large nursing homes? With our scenario analysis, we were able to provide a realistic glimpse into the future. This helped Zorgpartners to anticipate what they will face in the next twenty years. What’s really unique is that we were able to discuss these findings with the Board of Directors, as well as the directors of all the various locations. This created the feeling of a shared challenge. In addition to the data analysis, I also was impressed that I could speak with so many of Zorgpartners’ collaborators. It was nice to see how open the customers are and how much feedback they have. All in all, I think Zorgpartners will look back on this project as a professional and enjoyable collaboration, where we generated valuable qualitative and quantitative insights in a short period of time. Our advice was used for determining their multi-year strategy, which confirms that our recommendations were well-received by the organization."

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